About Divorce

We’re Here For You

Divorce is often a stressful and emotional process, filled with difficult decisions.  At Kimberly Dunham, we have over 25 years of experience and knowledge to help you during this trying time. From negotiating settlements to aggressively advocating in court, we always strive for a fair and favorable resolution for our clients. Let us help you through this transition with our skill and compassion.

In South Carolina, there are several different legal grounds, or reasons, for divorce:



About Legal Separation

If you want to start separation, also known as a Decree of Separate Support and Maintenance, and the process of living apart, talk to us at Kimberly Dunham. We will help you during this challenging period and ensure you know everything you need and what steps to take during this complicated legal process.

Depending on your unique circumstances, you may not be sure which legal ground applies to your case, or you and your spouse may disagree. We examine the specific details of your case and help you move the process forward as painlessly as possible.

You will also have to work through several other decisions with your spouse, including who gets custody of the children, how to divide property, and whether one spouse will support the other. If unresolved, these important life-changing decisions end up being made by the judge. That’s why Kimberly Dunham fights for you.